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Securing Planning Consent and Discharging Planning Conditions

We deal with the preparation of submissions in support of planning applications covering surface water drainage, flood risk, water supply, foul drainage, odour impact, water quality, groundwater and full utility assessments.

Our services are tailored to the planning need and the scale of development and extend to preparation of Environmental Statement Chapters.

Our documents in support of planning applications are rigorous and consulted as necessary in order to remove the likelihood of objection.

If holding objections are raised we work quickly with the statutory consultees to see that these are addressed.

Our documents contain suggested (and developer agreed) conditions that often get transferred through to planning permissions.

Discharging conditions based on our submissions is something we are ideally placed to address. Addressing pre-commencement conditions is an area where we specialise knowing the importance to the developer of reducing up front costs.

Example projects: