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Securing Land Allocations

We assist developers in the promotion of their strategic land through the local development framework process with a view to securing allocations in preference to competitor sites

Weetwood is currently involved in promoting around 1,500 ha of development opportunities to realise 20,000 homes and 10 schools as well as community centres, offices, industrial areas and other local facilities.

We do this by working as part of a multi-disciplinary team that works to minimise the effects of constraints on our clients’ sites whilst capitalising on the shortcomings of competitor sites.

Starting with sequential/justification testing of sites, we identify potential ‘showstoppers’ in terms of drainage, flood risk and water quality issues and then drill down further to examine utility shortcomings covering all services.

Foul drainage issues are a particular speciality but we leave no stone unturned in getting clients’ sites to the ‘top of the pile’.