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Challenging the EA Flood Map

Whilst the Environment Agency flood map provides an indication of potential flood risk, it is not always right and can overestimate flood risk.

No matter how complex the site, we can undertake the work required to investigate and if appropriate, formally challenge the EA flood map. Our record is excellent.

As a result, we may be able to help free sites previously blighted by flood risk, or or increase development area. Either way, it's a no lose situation.

Our technical expertise, industry leading hydrological and hydraulic modelling tools (e.g. Flood Estimation Handbook; ISIS, TUFLOW), ground terrain mapping and watercourse survey information we are able to accurately model flood outlines and hence, flood zone categorization.

Based on this detailed site specific modelling we can assess the accuracy of the published flood maps and, prepare the evidence required for submission as a formal flood map challenge.

We have numerous examples of where we have have sucessfully challenged the published flood maps, with the benefit of increasing developable area, improving development platform shape and unblocking development proposals for sites that were previously blighted by perceived flood risk.