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WFD Assessments

The Water Framework Directive stipulates that all surface and ground waters achieve Good Status (or Good Ecological Potential for Heavily Modified and Artificial Water Bodies) by a defined date. This is driven by a set of Environmental Objectives.

The overall ecological status of a water body is based on assessments of biological, physico-chemical, and hydromorphological quality elements.

Weetwood has undertaken Water Framework Directive (WFD) Assessments of surface waters for the Environment Agency and local authorities.

Weetwood has completed a survey of over 400 km of artificial and heavily modified water bodies and six targeted Transitional and Coastal water bodies under the Water Framework Directive.

As part of the work, we proposed mitigation measures to reduce or remove the negative impacts from operational flood risk management activities, navigation and urbanisation.

Weetwood is also investigating the potential impact of a river realignment that is required to enable a large retail development. The WFD Assessment being undertaken will ensure that realignment will not compromise the existing status of the waterbody or compromise the attainment of future WFD targets.