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Sustainability Statements

Sustainability Statements are generally required for major residential and non-residential developments and applications for minerals, waste or energy development.

Whether it is for residential developments, wind farms, energy from waste facilities, new roads or commercial developments, Weetwood can help.

Weetwood has undertaken many Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), prepared numerous technical papers for Environmental Statements (ES) and has extensive experience of Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) and BREEAM environment assessments.

We bring this technical expertise to bear when preparing Sustainability Statements, and draw upon our experience of working as part of an integrated design team.

The scope of a Sustainability Statement varies according to the nature of the development and the Local Planning Authority's requirements. A typical Statement would present a review of national, regional and local policy, and the design options being taken forward to help meet sustainable development objectives for a range of topic areas. Topic areas may include energy, water, materials, surface water, waste, pollution and ecology.