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Foul Water Drainage Strategies and Assessments

Working alongside local authorities, architects, developers, property and estate companies, we prepare foul water drainage strategies for all types of development.

Our expertise of foul water drainage includes the clarification of load estimate, proposed infrastructure requirements and any off-site reinforcement requirements, and utilities costing and budgetary advice.

Our approach is to develop foul water drainage schemes that minimise capital expenditure whilst complying with the relevant national and local policy and drainage law.

Our foul water assessments show how a development connects to the existing infrastructure; identifies whether sufficient capacity exists or if reinforcement is required, the need for diversion; the budget cost of reinforcement and/or diversion, and how existing infrastructure may best be protected with minimum impact on development potential.

We develop client focused solutions based on a coherent and focused desktop study using statutory records from the relevant water company.

Our understanding of discharge rate computation, the pricing regimes of service providers and the role of the regulators enable us to consistently provide cost savings for our clients.