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Flood Risk Assessments - Flood Consequence Assessments

We undertake flood risk assessments (England) and flood consequence assessments (Wales) for development sites in all flood zones to accompany planning applications.

We tailor our approach according the flood zone and the nature of the development to ensure that we provide best value for money.

Our flood risk assessments (FRA) are undertaken in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework and our flood consequences assessments (FCA) comply with Technical Advice Note 15 - Development and Flood Risk. Both also comply with local planning policy as required.

Our approach depends on the level of flood risk and nature of the proposed development.

Straightforward / low risk proposals can often be addressed through a high level desktop assessment of flood risk from all sources whilst more complex / high risk proposals may require 1d and/or 2d hydraulic modelling of watercourses, including overtopping and breach modelling.

In addition, where required our FRA/FCA reports also include illustrative surface water drainage systems, which where feasible include sustainable drainage solutions, and supported by outline storage calculations.