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Andrew Grime

Andrew Grime


Andrew is a Director of Weetwood and has over 30 years of experience. He set the company up in 1998 to specifically help developers address the water management and wider environmental issues that were threatening project viability.

Andrew’s experience stems from working with a water company and the inland waterways leisure business followed by work in consultancy in the water, conservation and drainage fields. Andrew’s motto is ‘whatever solution we recommend we must ultimately be prepared to defend at Appeal’. His success at Appeal has been exemplary. As well as appeal inquiry work he specialises in expert witness cases involving large value property claims arising from flooding and drainage issues. Helping clients see their development ambitions realised by successfully addressing flood risk and drainage issues remains his core skill.

Outside of Weetwood, Andrew’s interests include fostering future potential (he is governor and trustee of Abbey Gate College on the Grosvenor Estate outside Chester and a professional reviewer for CIWEM), the development of sustainable communities (he was chair of Chester & District Housing Trust and is involved with affordable housing development initiatives) and >motorcycling (since the squash racquet was hung up).

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