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Cononley Mill, Keighley
Type: Residential Development


The site was surrounded by ‘washlands’ of the River Aire and had been subject to flood events from the 1980s.

Our client wished to redevelop the old mill site with 34 residential dwellings and proposed to raise the level of the site behind a new and specially constructed riverside retaining wall. Craven District Council was not convinced that the proposed flood alleviation measures would be adequate

Weetwood was instructed to address the flood risk issues for an Appeal Inquiry.

What We Did

Hydraulic river modelling work was undertaken which showed that the removal of the existing flood defences and the raising of the ground levels adequately protected the proposed development.

The modelling work also demonstrated that existing properties closer to Cononley Bridge would benefit not only from a more reliable flood defence in the form of land raising, but also from a decrease in flood levels.

Weetwood presented these findings at the Appeal Inquiry. They were contested by the local planning authority and their consultants but the Appeal was allowed.

Outcome and Value Delivered

A site which, in the past had been blighted by flood risk would once again be developed and put to good use.

The existing residents would benefit from the reduced flood risk.

The outcome demonstrated how a redevelopment proposal may be structured to deliver wider benefit in terms of reduced flood risk without reliance upon public funding.