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Project: Mitigation Measures in Selected Heavily Modified Water Bodies (HMWB)

Scope of Project

Morphological pressures are one of the most significant factors causing or contributing to failure to meet Water Framework Directive (WFD) environmental objectives.

Weetwood was appointed to undertake surveys of heavily modified water bodies (HMWB) to identify how the impact of the modifications could be mitigated to reduce negative impacts in terms of their ecological potential.

What We Did

Weetwood has surveyed over 400 km of artificial and heavily modified water bodies and six targeted Transitional and Coastal water bodies under the Water Framework Directive.

We proposed mitigation measures to reduce or remove the negative impacts from flood risk management operational activities, navigation and urbanisation. .

Recommendations on preferred options for mitigation in terms of complexity, ecological benefit were developed supported by grid-referenced photos and a GIS output.

Outcome and Value Delivered

Technically feasible measures to reduce the impact of hydromorphological modifications were identified to assist the EA in improving the WFD status of the selected water bodies.

A comprehensive report was prepared which has provided a useful reference point for EA staff in appraising initial findings and undertaking the necessary works to address their obligations under the WFD. The GIS output provides the client with a powerful record and analytical tool for the work undertaken.