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Project: Staplemead Creamery, Frome near Bath
Type: Industrial Site Extension


There are proposals for the phased expansion and improvement of works at Staplemead Creamery, Frome.

The creamery is located alongside the River Frome and is primarily in Flood Zone 3 due to flooding from the river and its tributary Bonneyleigh which flows across the site.

Staplemead Creamery is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty and as such all works needed to be contained within the footprint of the site.

To enable development on the site, an accurate assessment of the design flood extents was required.

What We Did

Weetwood undertook a detailed hydrological and hydraulic modelling study of the River Frome and Bonneyleigh tributary to accurately map the existing flood risk to the site.

An existing 1d hydraulic model of the River Frome was obtained from the client. However in order to represent the complex flow routes around / through the creamery buildings and the interactions with Bonneyleigh Tributary, we developed a linked 1d-2d (ISIS/TUFLOW) model.

Survey information from the existing model was utilised to reduce overall costs supplemented by additional data collected by one of our preferred surveyors. One of our modellers visited the site and met with the survey team. The visit enabled expected flow routes to be clarified and ensured the model best represents reality. The model was run for a range of return periods, including investigating the impact of climate change.

The results of the modelling work formed the basis of the flood map challenge.

Outcome and Value Delivered

The findings from our modelling work indicated that key parts of the site are located outside of Flood Zone 3.

As a result, expansion of the site into these key areas is now possible without the need for compensatory storage (which would have been difficult and costly to provide) and without increasing flood risk elsewhere.

A flood map challenge was submitted to the Environment Agency. Our modelling work was reviewed and approved and the Environment Agency Flood Map was updated with the revised flood extents.

An additional benefit of the modelling work was that the management of surface water post development could be assessed, thus enabling storage within the Bonneyleigh channel to be utilised instead of additional storage being provided on-site.