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Project: Ettington Road, Wellesbourne
Type: Residential Development


A 12 hectare greenfield development site being promoted in a sustainable small town location in order to meet local housing needs.

Providing 175 residential properties, the scheme also facilitated improvement to local sports/play facilities and provided for the longer term security of older residents with an on site 50 unit elderly extra care facility.

Although the site was within Flood Zone 1, the town of Wellesbourne had a history of surface water and fluvial flooding problems.

Weetwood was appointed to undertake a flood risk assessment that demonstrated that the site would not increase flood risk in the town.

What We Did

Weetwood analysed the potential for flooding both on and offsite.

Working closely with the architects and masterplanners, Broadway Malyan, we developed a sustainable drainage (SuDS) scheme that disposed of surface water from the new development, ensuring that fluvial flooding problems in the town were not exacerbated. The scheme was amended following feedback from public consultation.

The solution was also extended to cater for overland flows from high land adjacent to the site informed by hydrological modelling using the ‘Revitalised FSR/FEH Rainfall Runoff Method’ (ReFH) and a bespoke 2d hydraulic model (TUFLOW). The updated solution reduced the potential for this off site surface runoff to contribute to the surface water flooding problems in Wellesbourne.

Outcome and Value Delivered

By listening carefully to the feedback from public consultation, Weetwood devised a surface water drainage scheme that provided wider benefits through the reduction in flood risk to the town itself.

The stakeholder led consultation approach was instrumental in gaining planning permission without any objections being raised on flood risk grounds by the Environment Agency, Stafford Borough Council, the water company or local residents.

The scheme has been seen by Warwickshire County Council (the SuDS Approving Body) as an exemplar scheme which they are keen to adopt.