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Project: Chamberlain Road, Kingston Upon Hull
Type: Residential Led Mixed Use Development


This project entailed the redevelopment of a 7 hectare redundant works site to provide a sports and social club, refurbished playing fields and other off-site leisure improvements on the back of residential development.

In a defended Flood Zone 3 area, the site was perceived to provide wider surface water flood storage benefits, an important issue given the recent history of flooding in the City of Hull.

What We Did

Flood risk at the site was initially addressed by others through application of Hull City Council’s Local Flood Risk Standing Advice.

Whilst this lead to no objections from the statutory consultees on flood risk grounds, the application was refused at committee due to local concerns related to application of the flood risk Sequential and Exception Tests and suggestions that the redevelopment would lead to increased flood risk elsewhere. The site went to Appeal through written representations.

Working closely with the Appeal solicitor, Weetwood prepared a detailed report which demonstrated that increased surface water flows from the new development could be dealt with through an on-site surface water system based on sustainable drainage (SuDS) principles that provided environmental benefits as well as limiting off site flows to the level deemed acceptable by the water company for discharging into the adjacent surface water sewer.

This study invoved a detailed survey of the existing foul and surface water drainage systems at the site. In addition, ground modelling was carried out using LIDAR data to show that the site did not act as a wider flood storage area and the development would not increase flood risk elsewhere.

Outcome and Value Delivered

Through our detailed written representations, the Inspector was able to allow the Appeal benefitting both the developer and the local people. A large recreation ground closed since March 2008 will now be brought back into use.