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Project: North-East Leicester Sustainable Urban Extension
Type: Residential Led Mixed Use Development

Scope of Project

Thurmaston Sustainable Urban Extension is an area of approximately 4 sq km to the north of Leicester which has been identified as a major strategic development site by the local planning authority.

The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) assessed the alternative locations being considered for the strategic allocations. This found that all of the potential locations being considered would fall within Flood Zone 1 but that for the majority of the potential development areas, the proposed road infrastructure required to support development would need to cross flood risk areas.

What We Did

Weetwood carried out a Level 2 Flood Risk Assessment Scoping Study in order to address the requirements as set out by the local planning authority in its Flood Risk Evidence for Core Strategy Strategic Allocations note.

This included detailed hydrological and hydraulic modelling of two watercourses to more accurately define the flood risk to the site from these sources.

A surface water drainage strategy for the development was also prepared to inform site masterplanning and identify site constraints and opportunities.


Outcome and Value Delivered

The work undertaken demonstrated that the proposed infrastructure would not increase flood risk and supported the development of a sustainable, achievable and deliverable development.

Weetwood was retained by the client to continue to advise on flood risk and drainage issues on the site to ensure an optimal development, and also to prepare a flood risk assessment and Environmental Statement (water environment) to accompany the plannning applicaiton.